Working with Coach Kate

I know exactly where I am going, I am surrounding myself with a community of women who are all running in the same direction (YOU), and I am loving every minute of it!  I am hiring for multiple positions with options of starting off part-time OR full-time – This journey is YOURS and I am willing to invest my time – to give you what you give me!

MY why” is YOU! I truly cannot put into words the changes I’ve made within myself knowing we are working hard TOGETHER in the pursuit of finding BETTER… not just with nutrition and fitness but also in our mindset (with the growth of our confidence, self-worth & identity). I have always known my vision for this company and its fueled with PASSION, but I also know I cannot and do not want to do it alone! I’ve said it from day one and I will continue to say it:

“I need you as much as you need me. We work TOGETHER and that is why I feel we’ve had so much success already.”

How amazing does it sound to connect, engage and ATTRACT like-minded women from all over the world, coming together with 1 goal of bringing the POWER of BETTER to as many lives as we can?!  Plus this is from the comfort of your own home. Giving you back time, financial freedom and flexibility to your family.

Kate's Family